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Bishop Sharma Lewis, the Virginia Annual Conference, and Buckhall Church are putting a priority on the safety of every person as we return to in-person worship services.  To many, these rules and protocols may seem severe.  They are implemented consistently by all United Methodist Churches in Virginia. 

Please understand the following is required and not optional.

For the full list of requirements and a written walk-through of worship,

please click here to see the our one-page PDF summary.

If you're interested in the full document, you can also see our entire plan, as submitted to our district superintendent.

1) Preregistration: We are asking all who wish to attend to pre-register and fill out a brief health acknowledgment form. This will not only allow us to best plan for seating arrangements & maintain social distancing, but will also speed up the process of entering the sanctuary on Sunday mornings. To register, click this link - Select Alexandria District and then Buckhall UMC. If you are unable to complete the form, please call our church office.

NOTE: You can fill out one form per family attending, please list the names of all those attending in the name field of the form.

2) Day Of Self Assessment: Take your temperatures at home to ensure you don't have a fever, and note if anything has changed since submitting the registration form.

3) Social Distancing & Face Coverings: Please park in such a way to ensure you can maintain social distancing (6 feet) from everyone other than your family members as you enter and exit your car, as much as is possible. Social distancing will be asked of everyone, throughout the time you are at Buckhall. From the time you leave your vehicle, you must wear a face covering and it must remain on the entire time you are on our campus, whether inside or outside. If you cannot wear a mask, you may not attend in-person worship at this time - we encourage you to continue to join us for our 8:30am live stream on Facebook or YouTube.

4) Following The Service: Once the service has concluded, the ushers will direct you out of the sanctuary. Please keep your mask on until you are in your vehicle - At this time we cannot have groups congregating on the sidewalks or in the parking lot. Please remember to update your registration form on Monday for the following week!

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