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Buckhall Church Family & Community:

It has been a long and arduous 14 months for everyone. First let us say thank you. Thank you for everyone in our church and community who have worked so hard to keep our community safe. We have been fortunate enough to have been back to limited in-person worship since September, and we have been greatly blessed by that time together.

But the time is coming for the limitations to start being rolled back. In accordance with the directive of our Bishop, we are transitioning to a new phase, that we are calling our Post-Covid Re-Entry. We have implemented a plan for a return to full in-person worship, but please be patient.

While we know that many are ready for the restrictions to be totally thrown out the window, we're not out of this pandemic just yet. There are still many folks, including the immune-comprimised and children under 12 who are not yet able to be vaccinated and remain at-risk. We also know that some people are simply not ready to throw out the precautions that have been a part of our daily routines for more than a year.

Please see below for what our current plans are effective as of May 30th. We intend to continue to re-evaluate our plans and measures as the summer continues, so stay tuned to our weekly email and this page for updates:

1) 10am Worship Service: Our 10am service will continue, and while we will continue to encourage the use of masks by everyone, masks will be optional for those who are fully vaccinated (at least two weeks past your final vaccination shot). However, for the time being, we will still require masks during our time of congregational singing and for when you come forward to receive communion. Speakers on the chancel and soloists/worship leaders will not be required to wear masks when speaking and leading worship.

Pre-registration for services is no longer required, although we will continue to ask folks to sign-in when you arrive.

2) 8:30am Worship Service: Our 8:30am service, which is currently live-streamed, will continue to be live-streamed to our Facebook and YouTube pages. Beginning June 6th, this service will be opened up to those who feel the need for a more restricted service. Masks are required for this service, and there will be limited singing and social distancing will be required as well.

3) Day Of Self Assessment: Please continue to self-assess your own health before your come to church, and please stay home if you are feeling ill.

4) Fellowship Time: Beginning on June 6th, we will return to in-person Fellowship Time, between our 8:30 and 10:00 services, with coffee/tea/water only at this time. We encourage you to bring your own mug, but we will have single-use cups available for those that need it. We will also encourage folks to gather outdoors in the breezeway between buildings as much as possible.

5) Other Gatherings/Meetings: All other in-person activities at the church, such as Bible studies, small groups, committee meetings, and other gatherings, will follow the same guidelines as our 10am service. Groups are free to continue to continue masking if they feel it is appropriate.

As always, if you have questions or would like more information, feel free to contact our office or Pastor Sean directly.