Welcome to Alpha At Buckhall Church

Join A conversation! | Sundays, 6pm-8pm

Ever had questions about Christianity? Wondered how you can go deeper in faith, or explore it for the very first time? Then Alpha is for you! This small-group based course is designed specifically to help answer questions you may have about God, Jesus, or the faith. Learn more about it & sign up below!

People First.

Alpha is for all people

In Alpha, we spend our time not in a classroom or sterile learning course, but in developing and building relationships with one another - through our growth and conversations. We begin every session with a meal together, and it is that convivial attitude that sets the tone for our conversations.

Curiosity Encouraged.

Questions Welcomed

Alpha is all about exploring our doubts, questions, concerns, and curiosity in a place where those questions are encouraged! Everyone who is a part of Alpha is welcome and invited to share their thoughts and questions as we process together the journey that we are on. In Alpha, there is no such thing as a bad question!

Sunday Evenings, Beginning 9/10

It's Time To Dive In!

Alpha is here at Buckhall Church! We are excited to be launching this course this fall - beginning on Sunday, September 10th. The gatherings will be on Sunday evenings from 6pm-8pm - dinner is included! We will honor our time and keep it to 8pm at the latest, but we want to encourage you to become a part of this course and dive in with us!

To sign up, email us at alpha@buckhallchurch.org

OR you can sign up in the church lobby.